Purchase Return

can any one guide me to achieve below scenario…

Purchase Order Qty = 10

Rejected quantity = 10

is there any way to prepare PURCHASE RETURN with link of the same purchase order and reference with the quality order or quarantine order. In Purchase return the price should come from PO.

Hi Shrikant,

Yes we can do it.

Create normal PO or Create Return order PO with RMA number.

If your using AX 2009, Click on Functions button > select Credit note … select the PO from which you wanted to do Return order and Click OK. It will pick the same Quantity and Price as it is mentioned in the PO and you can view the quantity with Negative sign and Net amount as well. Do the rest as you do it in normal PO.

Thanks Sarathy for reply. This solves my half problem.

Further i want to link it to Quarantine order or quality order because the scenario is

PO qty = 10

Rejected = 3

now i want to return only 3 quantity. The user should not be allowed to enter quantity it should be linked to Quality orders.

is it possible?

If you want to reject the quantity of 3 then why don’t you create the Return order with quantity 3 only… that can be done in the above process it self.

Coming to Quarantine process … here it follows :

For your need, you can have 2 options. `1 creating manual Quarantine order or 2 Automatically creating Quarantine order.

If Inventory model group is selected Quarantine management and and assigned this inventory model group to item which is there in PO then automatically Quarantine order gets created. If not, you can create the Quarantine order manually at Inventory management > periodic > quality management > Quarantine order.

In the Quarantine order > Click Functions button > split. mention the quantity and disposition code in the general tab.

That is what i want. The Return order should be created only for 3 Quantity by linking t to either Quarantine order or Quality Order.

Is it possible to avoid manual intervention to change quantity in return order? (instead of linking with PO i want to link it to Quarantine order or Quality order as it is already linked with PO). I want to return only rejected quantity defaulted from Quality results.

I want to return the material and also deduct money form supplier payable(debit to supplier) so which disposition group should i prefer.

I can say we do not have a controlled mechanism to better handle the purchase returns. in fact, if you try to create the return from Functions>Create credit note and select the PO, you can still return more quantity than the ordered quantity. I mean if your PO is for 10 quantity, you tried creating credit note, you can return 12 quantity. So there is no control.

i believe you need to go for customization.I suggest you to customize the Quarantine order screen to have “Accepted” “Rejected” columns, and as soon as quarantine order is been ended by the user, a line should be added to PO for the selected item with the quantity that is rejected.