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Good Day Everyone,

My client uses Nav 5 SP1. They place a purchase order for example for ItemA and orders 100 items from their supplier by creating a purchase order.
Of the 100 they recieve 70 items(meaning the quantity to recieve is 30) but upon receiving the order they find that of the 70, 20 items are damaged and they need to send these items back to the supplier. Meaning that they will only accept 50 items and the other 20 needs to go back to the supplier.
My client wants to be able to return the 20 items to the supplier and at the same time the quantity to receive on the purchase order will also change from 30 to 50 since 20 items where faulty.
I came across the Purchase Return Order card but the quantities arent replenished back to 50 items on the purchase order.
Is there a way to achieve this functionality without customerzation?

Please help.

First you need to received entrie quantity and then you need to return it back by using return order

During return order you can call posted receipt using copy document functionality

Thanks for the response Amol.

I have tried this as per your steps above but the quantity on the purchase order still remains the same in the quantity to recieve field.

  1. I created a purchase order of a quantity of 30 then recieved 20 of those items. (meaning on the Qty. to Recieve field and Qty to Invoice field theres a quantity of 10.

  2. i created a return order and copied the reciept using copy document and returned 3 items. I was expecting that the Qty. to Receive field on the Purchase Order form would be 13 instead of 10 as I still need 13 items from the supplier.

What am i doing wrong?

How it will change the Qty on Purchase Order? It can not

Received Entire Order First with 50 Quantities and then do the return order for 20 Quantities .So It will have impact on Item Ledger Entries

I learned on your website a lot things about internet. Thanks very much and i return soon!

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