purchase requistion

When I’m doing a purchase requisition and chooses an item from the internal procurment catalog. I can’t change vendor it automatically takes the vendor with the best trade agreement. Even if I have set up different vendors for the item I can’t choose the vendor manually. I have not set up any main vendor on the item or preffered vendor on the category.

Is this the way it should work?

Are you able to see the suppliers the other vendors when u click the lookup? , if you are able to see, while changing the vendor, what is the error that you are getting?

No I can’t see other vendors when I click the lookup.

Regards Johan

The workflow might have been setup that the requestor cannot change the vendor account.

No the workflow is not set up like that.

Regards Johan

In reply to my post for the similar question, you said “you are able to see the vendors in the look up” as a reviewer…?


Santosh - http://daxing2012.wordpress.com/

In our set up, we have multiple trade agreements from different vendors for the same price. Sometimes it allows the user to change the vendor on the line item while other times we have to highlight the line and press the details button. This will allow us to change the vendor for the line and utilize the trade agreement pricing.

Not sure why AX is so tempermental. Sometimes you can edit the ine and sometimes you can’t. We are on the R1 release.