purchase requistion

Hi All

i have configure the purchase requisition,but the flow is quite slow mean when i created and submitting to the authority, he receive the request in more than 5 min. I think should be like once i submited i will show in the authorized person with in 10 seconds.


Hi All while creating the Purchase requisition vendor account list is empty at the line.

Point 1 is down to your batch server, point 2 you have given no real information, but set a default vendor, this one will then appear.

For catalog items, the user when creating the Purchase Requisition can only select the between the vendors directly associated to the item and the cheapest vendor
that is found through the purchase price trade agreements. If you are going to enter a different vendor which is not found in the look up, leave this field blank and enter the proposed vendor in the Proposed Vendor field on the general tab.

If i left the Vendor Account Feild in Purchase Requisition blank, it will not automatically convert into the purchase order.

That is correct, what is your point? Set a default, or key one in.

i want the complete list of vendor or u can say master form.

Then you need to modify it. It is not expected that the user will be “choosing” the vendor at this point, it is either the default, preferred, or if they know it they choose it, they will not be searching. It is the purchasers decision, not the requisitioners, they set a preferred, but the purchaser makes the decision on the order selection.

Yes what adam says is correct at the time of creating PR(draft) you will not have access to all the vendors for the lines of Catalog Type. If you want you can use the proposed vendor field(can suggest a vendor). When it is submitted for approval then you have an option to select the vendor as it will display the entire vendor list.(During PendingCompletion or PendingRFQ status)

ok, thanks Kranthi and Adam