Purchase Requistion Work flow in Ax 2009

Dear All,

Click Administration > Setup > User groups.
2. Select a group, in this example PRComplete, and then click
Permissions to define user group permissions.
3. In the User group permissions form, click the Permissions tab.
4. In the Viewing list, double-click Workflow.
5. Expand Accounts payable > Purchase requisitions > Purchase
requisition approval > Workflow elements > Check mandatory
lines [Required].
6. Select Workflow element menu items.
7. Select a permission level under Access and then click Cascade to
use the same permission level for all the subnodes.
8. Expand Basic > Tables. Select SysWorkflowInstanceTable and
select permission level Full control under Access. Users in this
group can now complete, delegate, reject, request changes to, and
resubmit purchase requisitions in the Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Note : In my instance having Basic > Tables is not appearing.

The above following conditions are mandatory to work the work flow correctly. Actually i submitted the document to Approver, but for approver actions > complete, Reject, delegate is not appearing.

Go to AOT>Forms>Tutorial_workflowprocessor and click the start button and wait to see a message “0” records are currently in the queue.

Next, check whether the approve, complete and other buttons are available.

Hi Santosh,

I am also facing the same problem , system is taking too much time to show the above buttons after submit the document for approval in AX 2012 . Every time i need to Go to AOT>Forms>Tutorial_workflowprocessor and click the start button and wait to see a message “0” records are currently in the queue , then it is taking less time .

Can i know what is the reason ?

I will try to make the long story short. Hope you are aware of batch jobs.

whenever a PR is submitted by the user it will be pushed to the respective user in the hierarchy using the batch jobs. Go to system administration>Inquiries>Batch jobs then you will find a job with description “Workflow line-item notifications”. This is the job which does this activity.

Now, the questions is “why it takes time to show the workflow approve, complete and other buttons”

->Above specified batch job might have the long recurrence time specified. If you click the Recurrence button in the same “Batch jobs” form for the selected batch, under recurrence pattern field group, ensure that the minutes is selected and specify the count as “1”. which means, for each and every minute the server pushes the PRs to the respective users for approval. If this count is more, suppose 10 minutes…then you can see that the PRs will be pushed to the approver after 10 minutes.

Check your case, how many minutes it is set to.

->other reason could be more number of batch jobs in the “batch jobs” form, suppose the server can execute 4 batch jobs at a time and you have 5 jobs in the batch jobs form and the “Workflow line-item notifications” job is 5th in the queue. So system first priority will be first 4 jobs, and once one of them is completed then only it executes the 5th job. This could be the reason for delay sometimes.

To avoid the above case, make sure that some un necessary batch jobs are deleted. If cant be deleted modify the recurrence patter for the un necessary jobs, so that they should execute for every 2 hrs(something like this).

Ameen, please ignore if you already knew few of the above points. Just wanted to keep it clear for the other audience as most of the users are facing this kind of problems.

Pioneers, Please correct me if i am wrong somewhere.

Dear Santosh,

I run workflow processor, but i get 0 errors, again the approval is not sent to approver. Accept, reject, cancel is not showing,any more setup is require.



There could be something which is not set up which might have stopped the workflow processing. In the PR form workflow bar> click Actions>view history to see the error. if you do not find any error there then “click the resume” button to resume the workflow.

share the screen shot of the view history, probably it may help us to identify the issue.

Run the Batch after selecting the appropriate batch group.