Purchase Requisitions

My users need to be able to change the price on a purchase requisition for any item. The items are however defaulting to catalog items and the price cannot be changed. How can I get around this?

Hi ,

First let me understand this why do u wan to change price at PR level that options is already available at PO level since Procurement dept takes care of either generating RFQ or directly PO. they will decide the price based on their policys.



i have the same problem. My company doesn’t use quotation system in purchasing and end users generate purchase requisitions. In some instances they fill in the price of catalogue item on requisition and our Purchasing Dept would like this price to ba carried to the Purchase Order. Is there a way of doing it?


From memory no, it is not standard and you need to modify it. The principle is the end user request the stock, the vendor and price is the responsibility of the purchasing department, so anything the user enters should carry littly value anyway - Microsofts stand point from memory.

I agree with what AdamRoue says, vendor and prices information must be managed by the purchasing department (there could be many conflicts if not). Anyway every company may have differente policies about that, so in your case maybe the end user can have access to the vendor agreements function, the price they enter there will be reflected in the purchase order. But in my personal oppinion that would be a very dangerous situation if not properly managed.