Purchase Requisition

Hi ,

In the Purchase requisition header there is field called Accounting date in Ax 2012 . What is the purpose of the field and which date need to enter during creation of PO ?

b) Once the PO is created against the PR , where can i see the PO number details against the PR line in the Purchase requisition form in Ax 2012 ? Is there any option is available in the PR form to know the Purchase order number ?

Thanks in advance.

In the Purchase Requisition details form, select a line in the Purchase Requisition Lines grid and expand the Related Documents factbox on the right. It will have the Purchase Order for that Purchase Requisition Line.

In general, you can give the Accounting date can be same as creation date of PR.

In my opinion, some companies which do not want to license all their users just for PR creations will use the manual requisitioning that is “using paper”. Later, those PRs will be updated into the system by a guy who is appointed to record the PRs.

During this, if he is creating a PR today but actually the PR is received on today-4, he can keep the accounting date as today-4.