Purchase requisition

Hi ,

I would like some ideas for creating this type of workflow:

  1. A purchase requisition must be approved base on a particular Procurement category and will be routed to a specific person ( job role).

  2. However in the same purchase requisition i can have several lines : procurement categories and stocked items belonging to another type of category.

So my question: Should I have only one Purchase requisition ? or I should use a line purchase requisition workflow?


If the workflow approver differs on the basis of Procurement category then you can use the Purchase requisition line workflow.

Hi Kiran, if I use that suggestion, does it means that I will wait until all lines get approved before having the approval of the whole purchase requisition? I dont want the PR waiting for all approval lines before approved. Thanks for suggestions.

Yes, that is how line workflow works right? If you don’t want to wait till all lines are approved then use the document workflow.

You can append these line item workflows to a header document workflow: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh538461.aspx

Thanks for the feedback.