Purchase Requisition WorkFlow

Dear All
I want to create a Purchase Requisition workflow in which user creates a purchase Requisition then that requisition should go to his HOD for approval than finally it should go to Purchase Department for Approval

Now the problem is each department have its own HOD, how can I create this Work Flow in AX-2009
Muhammad Saad

What is the problem you are facing in doing that???

Dear Kranthi

The problem is how to define hierarchy and making relation of users and head of departments.


Muhammad Saad

how it is configured for a particular user?


You may try this.

First, in the employee list, assign the employee to the respective dept/ group. Example:

Ali – Purchasing

Abu – Purchasing

Ami – Sales

Second, in the PR work flow, create the grouping as above. You must add the condition, and the condition will be attach to grouping you used in the employee list.



can u be more clear regarding this issue…

Dear Nagendra

There are three ways to set Workflow Approval as follow:

  1. User based

  2. Role based

  3. Hierarchy based

In first two options either you can select individual users or user groups so approval will go to either selected user or users in selected groups.

In third option hierarchy is defined in HR or Basic module in following manner:

Positions are defined and in position “Report to Position” is defined and then one position is linked to one employee, so by using this method Document submitted by (Example) Accounting Clerk will got to Account Manager and Document submitted by Purchasing Clerk will go to Purchase Manager (depending on Positions & Report to Positions)

Hope things will be clear may you require any more assistance please let me know.


Muhammad Saad