Purchase Requisition Work Flow

After Long, Trying to Configure Purchase Requisition Work Flow but not able to Configure it.

I have follow all the Instruction which is in " What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 " but still not able to configure it.

Flow is not happening at all.if One user Creates the P R , The Agent is not alerted or not able to see P R. Even It Does not Comes for Approval.

If anybody has step by step Procedures to build up Workflow for Axapta 2009 P R then Please Explain From the Scratch.

Please also State Pre-requisite to Build work Flow as i have three user 1. requisitioner, 2.Agent, 3. Approver.

User 1. has only Requisition rights + Item Rights

User 2. has only Account Payable and Inventory Management Rights.

User 3. has Full Rights on all the Module.

i have Tried for Many times and Failed…

Please Explain the Process step by Step with Conditions.


Do you have all of the role centres and analysis services working? I suggest you start by talking to a technical person about the role centres etc. On a stand alone you would not get this to work - the MS VPC you may do.

thanks…Let me Check what You Have Suggested.

Hiah Adams,

But in the case of not having EP License, How to do the same.

Assume that i am not having EP License, then Can’t i do Work Flow configuration for Purchase Requisition ?

Good Luck !

Nope the workflow requires an EP installation because it uses the same infrastructure I believe, so no EP is no workflow requisition as I understand it.

I think Eneterprise Portal is For the People who wants to Access Axapta 2009 From Remote Location. Right ?

But if I Dont want to Buy Enterprise Portal then Can’t i Configure Workflow for the Desktop Computer in Network ?

Enterprise Portal will Give People Access to ERP with Limited Functionality, it is Kind of Accessories with Ax, isn’t it ?

It is all to do with the IIS and web based infrastructure associated with EP. I am not technical but the role centres, alerts, requisition workflow all use technical elements associated with what in 4 would have been the sole domain of EP. You would need to speak to a licensing person at your place, I do not beleive you need EP, but you need all of the supporting infrastructure and configurations for EP to get elements like alerts, role centres and workflow working. As I said originally - talk to someone technical at your end, they should clearly be aware of the prerequisites.

You can find all of the requirements and pre-requisites here:


thanks Adam…Appreciated Your help everytime.