Purchase Requisition (Procurement) Category Field AX 2012


When I need to create new purchase requisition and add Item (Add Line) , this warning is appeared (Category field must be filled) . my question is : Is it mandatory to fill Procurement Category?? while it is not mandatory to make purchase order of the item. and it was not mandatory before installing the last hotfix.

is there a setup related to this error??

It depends on the the Requisition purpose, if it is consumption, the procurement category is mandatory. ( the item Id look up will show only the products that are attached to a procurement category). you need to either choose an item (which will automatically fills the category) or choose category only

Thank you Kranthi for your reply, but I still have questions:

1) how can I choose the purchase requisition type?

2) Which purchase requisition type does not need to fill the procurement category??

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I am also looking for the answers.



in the procurment module got to setup and in that go to polices. where you make the policies for the purchase requisiton , how to create, how not to create,which to include and which not to include. there u have a option that procurement category can be made mandatory or not a madatory.

Thanks a lot for your reply and support. But I can’t find where I can select if the “Procurement Category” is mandatory or not???

Please if someone can clarify it with snapshots


/Procurement and sourcing/Setup/Policies/Purchasing policies>> policey rules>>you can check category rules or category poilcy rules and also check and also check purchase requestion control rule.

unable to paste a screen shot here. so ihave snd the above.