Purchase Requisition ID in PO Header

Hi Evryone!

I created a workflow for purchase requsition, and my set up is that once the PR is approved, it will automatically generate PO. I want to see the purchase requisition ID on my PO header so I can easily see the PO generated from PR. I move the PR ID from PO line to PO header. However, I cannot move it to the GRID. I tried creating another field on the Grid for PR ID but it does not show the actual PR ID for a certain PO but it shows a drop down with all PR ID to choose from. This is not what I want.

Thanks for the help.


Technically, the PurchReqId will be stored in PurchLine table and not in PurchTable. So you cannot display it in the Grid related to purchTable.

So you have added this field to the purchTable - if you want the correct value in that you need to insert the value when the purchase order is created automatically from the requisition. have a look into the class

PurchAutoCreate_PurchReq -> setPurchTable()

So Kranthi,

can you help me modify this class so I can see the PR ID in my PO header?

I am not a developer so please bear with me.

Thanks much!


Hi Kranthi,

will this be a major customization?




Ask your developer, actually look into the mentioned method, a developer can understand and do the modification easily.

Hi Kranthi,

I have some kind of problem with this, I have a purch requisition, I put a new field in PurchReqLine and it shows perfectly. The workflow sends the purch order automatically, but my new field never shows in PurchLine. I have it in the table PurchLine already, and I put a new code in PurchAutoCreate_PurchReq → createPurchLine, my code was:

purchLine.MyNewField = purchReqLine.MyNewField.

When I see the purch order everything is correctly, but my new field never shows, can you help me with this??

Thanks in advance!!!