Purchase Requisition Axapta

A client wants to be able to use a purchase requisition process prior to creating a vendor PO. Key requirements are: 1. Users can request purchase items without needing a vendor name. Items can be selected from a list or be free text, will cover both inventory and non-inventory items (eg office supplies) 2. Purchasing dept needs option to consolidate various req’s into a single PO (based on similar items requested etc). 3. Requisition may need approval by requestor’s manager before Purchasing process it. We understand Axapta does not offer the requisition, just a PO. How have you solved this for clients - custom application or 3rd party add-on package. If 3rd party package, can you send me contact details (preferably USA based)? Many thanks[:)]

Globesoftware in Australia has developed a Purchase Requisition Module. I’m not sure if it meets your requirements, but you can take a look at http://www.globesoftware.com.au Regards, H. Jaeger Aston Naviteam A/S

Thanks for your feedback - I’ll follow up with them.