Hi All,

When I’m trying to receive an item through Purchase Receive, I’m getting an error “You are in a wrong warehouse”.

What maybe the cause?

I have multiple warehouse but I only configured Location Directives for this Warehouse. Also, the Worker is allowed only for this Warehouse.

Thank you.

Is the warehouse on the PO Line different from the warehouse of the worker?

By the way, if you are using CU8 or CU9, it is possible to configure that workers are allowed to receive into a different warehouse (as long as it is at the same site):


Hi Guy,

Thank you for your reply. The warehouse on the PO line is the same as the default warehouse of the worker.

Btw, I managed to resolve this by creating a new userid for the worker. I think AX is getting the previous warehouse that was originally setup on the user id. It cannot recognize the new Warehouse setup for the user.

Thanks again.