Purchase receipts without delivery notes.


There were two purchase receipts for PO 9999 with one delivery note for the first receipt. We are wondering how the second receipt was created with a status “Received” in the inventory transaction file without a delivery note. How could this happen in AX?

Plese explain to me Mr/Mrs/Ms. Experts…

Thak you very much.


Yes in the item model group if you do not have receiving requirements set you can process an invoice without receipt. A “delivery note” is simply a number in AX, it is the receipt record that counts, and if you direct invoice you do not get a receipt and therefore this is not what has happened to you, but I am not clear on what has - you say you have 2 receipts, therefore both lines will be received. If you mean 2 receipts OUTSIDE AX and 1 inside then the direct invoice would cause this.