Purchase receipt entry

Hello Masters,

I have an item A , total stock =90

Out of this 90 , for the stock 80 all purchase orders ( GRN/ Purchase receipts)are closed . that means

qty field and Qty to Shipped field both are equal.

1 purchased order did not close , because Purchased order quanity = 20, But I received 10, so still I need to receive 10.

I want to ener this quantity 90 as opening stock.

But here the problem I f take opening stock 90 then how create that purchase receipt.

Please help me.

Item Journal in 90 as your opening balance

Create an open purchase order for 10 to replicate the open purchase order.

The 10 is not a receipt, it is not GRNI, otherwise you have different options, but you have not asked this.

For example if u go live then how to Enter the Partially Received purchase order ? For example P.O qty = 100 , **I received = 50 , So still I need to receive 50 .****So how to enter this at the time of Go _ live .**Because I have may 200 orders like this .?

It depends whether you are creating a GRNI position or not.

If you are in your opening balance journal you put in less teh GRNI quantity, then put the PO in for 100 and book in 50

Or you book in the full opening balance, set teh PO to be 50, the outstanding amount, and run down the GRNI as a ledger transfer

Depends what the client wants to do with the GRNI really.

Thank You sir .

Problem solved …[:D]

But let me know which process u follow ?

Just throw suggestion on this

I follow the process depending upon the needs of the customer, so I have done all.