Purchase receipt and production receipt

Sorry for that i don’t have sufficient business background.

For both of the two above warehouse receipts, i think the should be handle in the same way, but i found there was a little bit differences in the AX 2012 system.

  1. in the “inventory management” module, if the purchase order is created, i can see all the expected receiving on the “Arrival Overview” form. then the warehouse staff can start the receiving on this form by start a “Item Arrival” journal, once he/she posts the “Item Arrival” journal, an quarantine order will be created automatically.

  2. in the production module, if the machine operator report as finished, the finished product will create create a quarantine order automatically, and the warehouse staff also can create an “Item arrival” journal based on this quarantine order as well, seems they can work concurrently, but if we post the quarantine order first, we cannot post the “Item Arrival” journal any more, but if we post the “Item Arrival” journal first, it seems like that it has nothing to do with the quarantine order.

what i’m willing to see is the warehouse house staff can handle the finished products first, let he/she to inform some one else to do the quarantine check.

what’s the traditional process for finished product receiving?

many thanks.

The “traditional” method would be for production to completion of production stock, and warehouse staff to locate it if necessary, or quality staff to undertake a quality check - quarantine provides this function in your process I guess. Have you looked at quality orders? Quarantine orders in my view are more used for purchase inbound but it can be argued many ways. In AX you have quarantine and quality orders, but what I will say is that the two receipts, whilst ultimately being “warehouse” driven they are very different in reality in standard business processing.

In a manufacturing warehouse, warehouse personnel typically perform the following tasks:

• Receive and store products such as raw materials and components.

• Test the quality of received products.

• Pick raw materials and components for the manufacturing finished products.

• Store finished products after the products have been manufactured.

• Quarantine finished products, which is followed by a quality testing for the quarantined products prior to their release.

• Ship finished products to a central warehouse, a distribution warehouse, or directly to a client.

So, this is more of the traditional process. Some concepts involved here, are:

Arrival Overview: This form is introduced to improve the overview of items expected to arrive as incoming goods.This feature provides an overview of all expected incoming items and arrivals can be initialized based on the overview by clicking Start Arrival.

Quarantine Orders: Quarantine management can be used to quarantine items for any quality control reasons. Quarantine order is generated automatically at registration and can also be created manually when receiving the items in the warehouse and items are moved to quarantine warehouse.

Quality Order: A quality order is associated with an item in a sales order, a purchase order, a quarantine order, a production order, a production order routing operation, or an on-hand inventory balance. Items that are specified for inspection in a quality order are automatically blocked from issue or consumption. Quality association form is used to specify at which stage quality order is created and attach the item to particular test group. Items failed in quality test can also be moved to quarantine to decide what action to take.