Purchase Quotes


In my purchase quotes i am facing a problem while converting the quote to the order i am running no. series relationship in the PO number series, so in this case the master no. series of PO has no number series.

So it gives me an error while converting the quote to PO, can anyone please suggest how it can be done that how can i select the PO number series while converting the quote to PO.


Unfortunately, this will not work.
It is not possible to create document by code without assigning a DocNo to it (it applies to all cases, not only “converting” PQ to PO) - it is part of primary key.
When PO is created directly, initially the DocNo is blank, but it must be the first to fill in, otherwise you can’t continue without errors.

If you haven’t set up Default No series for your Purchase Orders, the Quote conversion will not work, throwing an error and there is no way (intermediate Page, for example) to choose the NoSeries for DocNo automatic assignment in the process of PQ->PO conversion.

In other words, it can’t be achieved without modification.