Purchase Prices, POs and Req. Worksheets

Good day all! My company uses navision 3.7 I’d like to find out how to make use of Req. Worksheets to turn SO’s into PO’s making use of the Purchase Prices in the Purchase Price table (7012). The SO to PO works fine with Req. Worksheets: Functions/Special order/Get Sales Order. The preferred vendor will automatically be inserted per item. Great. However, the purchase price that is inserted in the Direct Unit Cost field is completely different from the one stored in the Purchase Price table for that item/vendor.

All the validates done in the ReqLine are running the function GetDirectCost(CalledByFieldNo : Integer) which get’s the direct costs using the CU “Purch. Price Calc. Mgt.” to find discounts and prices. But: The best price calculation could make it difficult to find the right price, especially when the older price is lower than a newer price. [B)] For finding the latest price only, you should change the Function FindPurchPrice in that CU: ... IF FromPurchPrice.FIND('-') THEN REPEAT IF FromPurchPrice."Direct Unit Cost" <> 0 THEN BEGIN ToPurchPrice := FromPurchPrice; // Find latest price >>>> ToPurchPrice."Starting Date" := 0D; IF NOT ToPurchPrice.MODIFY THEN // Find latest price <<<< ToPurchPrice.INSERT; END; UNTIL FromPurchPrice.NEXT = 0; The same is valid for finding sales prices and discounts [;)]

Hi Robbie A couple of things to check (Thomas had not replied when I started mine!), firstly is the default vendor set on the item card? Secondly on the item card under purchases do you have this vendor set with an appropriate price in a valid date range (or blank)? If I do this and load a sales order I get a cost on the sales order, if I then go into the requisition worksheet and pull this special order in the price on the order is that set in the purchase price file, so it all seems to work how you want it to.

Thanks very much for your help! :slight_smile: