purchase price not getting updated

Hi there,

i am using ax 2012. in product master screen in purchase fast tab. i had selected update price.

when i raise purchase order to that product master and invoice that purchase order. the corresponding purchase price is getting updated in product master screen.

for the same day i raised one more purchase order. the corresponding price got updated in product master screen.

when i am trying to raised the 3 rd purchase order for the same purchase order. i am getting unit price of 1 st purchase order.

can any one let me know what i missed.

thanks in advance.

Can you just check whether your prices form has any records? (Released products>Manage costs tab>Item price button)

Also, check whether any trade agreements available for the particular item.

Mr. Santhosh,

thanks for the reply.

i haven’t give any cost price and trade agreement for that item.


guru sankar.

Have you customized anything then if there is no trade agreement or price listing? I ask because if I have nothing then the 3rd PO takes the invoiced PO cost with the update flags ticked.