Purchase order with procurement category

Hi All,

I created two Items as mentioned below.

Item Id Costing method Unit Price Category

Item-01 FIFO 150 MISC

Item-02 FIFO 200 MISC

Now i created a purchase order with procurement category “MISC” for 100 Qty,

1.what is the unit price will consider, because two items having different unit price.

2.Inventory will increase to “100” for both the items after product receipt of purchase order.

  1. How cost will effect after invoicing.

I need the impact and how to use the procurement category in Purchase line.

If any one having the document, please share it will be helpful.



It would obey normal costing rules, for the item you have assigned to the category - which maybe a generic item not even stocked. The simplest way to test without asking further questions on your setup is for you to post the invoice and see the impact.