Purchase Order with negative numbers

Hi all,

we are using Ax3.0 and are a company selling services, we have some physical stock but do not keep stock in Ax. We are using the purchase module and we bumped into an issue when entering a purchase order with negative numbers(like the credit note option). The entered negative amount will not go into the ledgers via the packing slip posting, instead Axapta takes the standard average cost price of the item.

We have set up our items being Service items(no Stock!) but in order to have accruals, we have set the fields Post physical and financial stock from the Stock model groups. We want to have the financial amount of the purchase order in the books via the pick slip already(being our accrual) followed by the invoice posting.

Has anyone experience with a set up:

  1. no stock items

  2. pick slip posting go to an accrual ledger

  3. negative amounts/credit notes via pick slip posting should have the entered amount and not the standard average cost price.

Bug or set up?

thx in advance.