Purchase Order Total Discount on Amount

Where to add total discount amount for the PO?


I have PO $100.50 but need to discount $0.50. Where to add $0.50 discount in AX2012?

I only saw discount on % but no discount on amount. Any suggestion or work around?

Please help. Thanks alot!![:D]

**I’m new in AX2012…please elaborate more in details in your answer[;)]


As far as I know, this is how standard AX works.

As a work around, discuss with your Finance team to have a new service item named as DISCOUNT and add this new service item as a last line and put the quantity as 1 and in the unit price put (-0.5) then the net value will be (-0.5) which means the PO total value will reduce to 100.00


If you are looking for the discount to be given on each quantity. It is straight forward available. You can find the field Discount.

Ex: Qty 2: Unit price :100 discount - 5 Total amount - 190

If your expected end result is above then it’s available.

Thanks alot both of you. It’s work!!