Purchase Order Tolerances

My company manufactures custom metal products. When we purchase goods from our vendors, we order a minimum quantity but we also accept an overrun according to an industry standard 0-3%. In SAP, you can set up receiving tolerances per PO or part number. The system will allow you to receive over the purchase order amount as long as it is under the acceptable tolerance. Any ideas how to accomplish this in Navision without having to change the original amount in the purchase order?

Well it all boils down to changing the original amounts (in code that is), because that is the only way to ever complete your order. You’d have to add the tolerances to the setup table, and modify either the release function or the posting routine to check the if quantity to receive is within the parameters, and then set the original quantity to the quantity to receive if it is. It is a customization, but not a very difficult one. Your solution provider should be able to help you develop something like this. We did something like this for customers, both an overage/shortage percentage and an overage/shortage amount as well. It is pretty strange that such a common practice in the manufacturing industry (if you can call ‘manufacturing’ and ‘industry’ :)) is not included in the manufacturing granule of Navision. I understand that many companies need functionality like this.

Thanks for your input, I am surprised as well. I am impressed with the overall functionality of Navision versus other enterprise systems such as SAP. But, there are those instances I run into where I just scratch my head wondering how there could be such a gap in functionality. I figured this would be a customization, which overall, I am not in favor of pursuing. I would hope Navision would rectify this in future releases.

Hi What we must remember is that whilst Navision can compete with SAP it does not really, and if you have a functional check list, Navision will lose. However it can be tailored very easily to your very specific requirement, which has an advantage over SAP (its cheaper all round). Also remember the developing nature of the beast. the manufacturing modules are thin, but they are also relatively new. Functional enhancements and requests, if made are considered, and will be incorporated if agreed, but this is a very lenghty process. So functionality people have been waiitng 14 years for, just ask David Singleton [:D]

Hi, We had the same problem in our company. Our main business is also manufacturing and I was really surprised with this gap. I have also posted a message in the User forum and there were some good ideas on how to go about it (customisation). Still my intention in writing this message is that I am really surprised since I saw this handled quite efficiently in many other packages which do not even compare with Navision (Navision is by far better). To keep it short I agree with Marcusa on saying that Navision should rectify in future releases. In our business, it is quite a normal instance to recieve goods in short and one should also consider handling of different pricing on posting of PO (without re-openinig).

Hi As said, add it to the list, sit back and wait. [:D]