Purchase Order Taxes

Hi guys,

Need help in understanding taxes in DAX 2009. Regarding sales tax payments, i have this scenario:

  1. In my PO, I invoiced an amount, say $100, with $5 as tax (inclusive of the price). The $5 entered the ledger accounts that I setup in my Ledger Posting Group for taxes. This means I pay the vendor $100 but i need to pay $5 to a tax authority.

  2. My tax authority is attached to a vendor account, say, vendor01.

  3. When I ran the sales tax payments, it generated transactions which included a DEBIT on vendor01 (+$5).

My questions are:

a. Why was it not credited ? I was expecting a CREDIT instead of a DEBIT, because after the sales tax payment, I plan to create an AP payment journal for vendor01. to pay $5.

b. If indeed this is the standard behavior and not what I was expecting, how do companies usually pay such taxes in DAX?

Thanks in advance.