Purchase Order Status

Hi everyone,
I am not able to update/Change Purchase Status from " Received to Open Order" when I modifying the purchQty line wise through code.
Could anyone please tell me the solution.


Why do you want to change the status from RECEIVED to OPEN ORDER?

Hi Haydee,

My scenario: In Base (Base process), when we create a purchase order for XX Item with 1 kg Quantity. After completion of packing slip (here we are receiving the entire quantity, means 1 kg) , the status will change to Received(from Open order to Received). Again I want to receive 2 more kg’s. The movement I modified the Quantity field in purchase line system automatically modifies some fields in PurchTable and PurchLine. Here I mentioned few fields.

Status field from PurchTable

Deliver reminder and ordered fields form PurchLine table.

So, the same process I want to do through code.

My code is:

I am able to modify only Quantity and Deliver reminder fields. So, how can i update remaining things?

Why don’t you add another purchline to the order for the same item with the new quantity? Lest I overlooked something else, that should change your status back to ‘open order’, without any customizations.

AX will let you receive 2 more as standard - why are you trying to modify the system to achieve standard functionality?