Purchase Order status has not changed

Hi Everyone!

I need a clarification on this issue which is often recurring in AX2009. I have invoiced a PO and the status remained as ‘Open Order’. when I rechecked, there is a pending invoice.

I click 'Inquiries\Pending invoice. yes, I delete the records and check PO status. it shows ‘Invoiced’ now.

But, this is really often in my case, and I need the expert helps to provide me the reason of this issue and how I can overcome this as it will not occur anymore?

Please advise.

Thank you very much in advance.


Make sure you are using right PO type, and not using blanket order or subscription type of Purchase order



Like Rajesh said, check your PO which type of PO it is (Blanket order or Subscription order). Sometimes, buffer won’t gets cleared and at that time also your PO status won’t get changed. then press Ctrl + F5 button to refresh or Close the PO form and open it again and check the status.

Hi Rajes & Sarathi,

I checked the PO type and it is Purchase Order. it is not blanket order or subscription. is there any other reason for this?

Help please.

Hi Satya,

Sometimes the records does not get saved properly so it goes to Pending Invoice…

Check the table VendInvoiceInfoTable and delete the records from there.


by deleting a data from AOT will it coz any prob in future? do I need to backup the database?

Don’t delete it from the AOT.

Pending invoices are caused by the user going into the invoice process and not completing it, this is perfectly acceptable and used in standard processing at time when the “on hold” flag is ticked, but it also happens if it cannot post due to configuration/data setup. I suggest you train the users on the cause and correct resolution.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your suggestion. valued :slight_smile: