Purchase Order Should not be change


I observed, purchase order status is open, its printed and issued to vendor as well. But after some time other user change that purchase order, modify the purchase price even modify the vendor number on same purchase order.

Logically if purchase order issue and printed it should not be change the values once printed. Is there any setting or parameter option to restrict such modification once it printed?

Your valuable suggestion highly appreciable.



The statement that says it is not logical to change it once printed is not really true - what is logical is to re-print and re-communicate to the vendor or you will be disappointed and you will see this in the version prints of the confirmation document. In addition if you activated a workflow some of this maybe covered, but not 100% sure on that you would need to investigate it. The price ultimately does not matter as the invoice match is key. Changing the vendor and NOT communicating it to the vendors naturally has obvious consequences.