Purchase Order Return - In-Transit Inventory Error in Processing

Hi all,

We are trying to return and reprocesss PO-12345. For some reason the stock was received on 2/25/13 while the invoice was posted on 3/25/13. This causes a discrapancy in our month end GL stock value vs. stock report. I tried to return this order using the manual L-06 but for some reason when I choose the posted invoice to return and then delete the items and “get document lines to reverse” it only pulls the in-transit lump amount and doesn’t pull the actual line items and lot numbers.

Do you know how to process a return of a PO that uses prepayment/in-transit inventory. For us, we use prepayment as in-transit inventory to book the total amount of our inventory owned at the shipping date from Europe and the A/P entry. We then receive the product on the actual physical receive date and post the invoice on that date as well.

Please let me know how to do this.