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i want to generate the report for all the purchase order during the year with their statuses, how i can generate in AX 2012, as i haven’t find a single report related to the PO in AP or Procurement and sourcing.

Please advise.

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Hi Imran,

There is default report available, please find below path.

Purchase >> Reports >> Purchse line


Hi Mohammed

Thanks for reply, but i dont have that option you are tell: following is the screen shot for ur ref:

May be u r talking about 2009. that report is present there.

Hi Imran,

Please find below screen shot for report location.


This screenshot is of 2009, in 2009 these reports are there but i want to know in 2012

The equivalent report in AX2012 can be found in Procurement and sourcing=> Reports=> Status

thanks Kiran for ur reply

These report just give me the open lines only, in the report form the status is fixed to open, i want with all the statues and also these report are not showing in my AX but in CEU it is there.

Yeah I was trying to show the equivalent report which might suffice but here we only have Open order and more over these reports are available only to legal entities whose primary address is in Canada or the United States.


You can create an auto report and modify it, Go to the Accounts Payable / Common / All Purchase order

Use Ctrl+P, it will pop a window of auto report click on manage and add the required fields then click ok.

if you need more help on it, contact me on skype : jaleel.riyadhksa

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Thanks Jaleel,

Thats ultimate solution.

the report can be pulled out based on the status but the amount it is based on the PO not on the status (Received or invoiced) amount will be the line amount of the PO.