Purchase Order report deployment process in AX 2012

Purchase order currency is hard coded to USD. Now with set up of Oanda API to multicurrency rates, would like to fix Purchase order form to remove hard coded USD and read multi currency from the PO lines,

does this change would be report deployment, what are the steps to deploy


You talk about fixing fix Purchase order form, but let me assume that you actually mean a report.
If you have a custom report where you hardcoded currency to USD (ignoring the actual currency of the PO) and you now want to fix the report, then you indeed need to deploy the report for changes to take effect.
You can use Powershell cmdlet Publish-AXReport to deploy reports. Read more in AX 2012 documentation: Deploy the default reports.

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Making changes to the Purchase Order form to remove the hard-coded USD and read multi-currency from the PO lines is a development task and will require a deployment of the updated report.

Here are the general steps to deploy the updated report:

  1. Develop the updated report with the changes to remove hard-coded USD and read multi-currency from the PO lines.
  2. Test the updated report to ensure it is working as expected.
  3. If the report is deployed to a test environment, get approval for the changes from stakeholders before moving to the production environment.
  4. Publish the updated report to the report server or any other location where it is hosted.
  5. Update any relevant documentation, such as user manuals or training materials, to reflect the changes.
  6. Notify all stakeholders, including end-users, about the updated report and provide any necessary training to ensure they are familiar with the changes.

It is important to ensure that the report is thoroughly tested before deployment to avoid any issues in the production environment. Also, make sure that all relevant teams are notified about the changes to avoid any disruption to the business processes.