Purchase Order Repor

Hi ,

I just want to know can i filter the report for a Purchase Order based on item group??

i.e if i select an item group called “Raw material” one format should get display, and if i select another item group called “Finished Goods” another format should display.

If so where can i get the option for filtering?? or else i need to write any code for displaying different formats

Please help me with this

Hi Koumudhi,

You have to create to different formats of reports one for Raw material and another for Finished Goods and according to the requirement you have to execute the report :).

can u please elaborate it more clearly like how to execute reports based on item groups

Not necessarily true. If you select the report and then on select criteria add in the InventTable you can filter by item group, whether it applies really depends upon the report and where the inventtable is within it.

Hi Adam, i’ve tried in the select criteria, cant find inventtable’s item group., and moreover r u suggesting me to create different reports for different reports??

i even have a criteria like four different purchase requisition formats for item groups, but where as in purchase requisition we don’t even have select criteria. so how can i go with the purchase requisition???

Two options, you can either hide / show sections within the Fetch method, this can be messy. If you do this then you need to hide / show programmable section based on item group - for example;

if InventTable.ItemGroup == #RawMaterial

Note the #RawMaterial as it is against best practice to hard code in AX, so this requires a macro.

Alternatively re-produce the entire report and change the sections based on the item type and have differently menu item buttons for each type of item.