Purchase Order Printing

I have created a purchase order. I then choose “Posting–>Purchase Order”. In “Quantity” I select “All” and I activate the checkbox for printing the PO. I then choose “Ok”. Then I get an infolog stating “Report is empty, Purchase Order - Report”. Nothing is printed on the screen, or on the printer (whatever presentation method is selected). If I close the infobox, and choose “Inqueries–>Purchase Order”, select the PO and choose “Show–>Original”, I get a nice screenprint of the PO. So the original exists, although nothing was originally printed to the screen or printer. What’s going on here?

It’s solved. Under “Accounts Payable–>Setup–>Forms–>Form Setup”, nothing was selected for the Purchase Order (or anything else, for that matter). After these settings were made, everything worked as expected. Topic can be closed.

Thanks Willbert, U have given a solution to your own problem which will be helpful for others who have such kind of queries. regards vaibhav pednekar