Purchase Order & PPO

Hai, I have a requirement from one of our client… He want to have both Preliminary Purchase Order & Purchase Order. So i added a menu button to the form with menu items PPO & PO. When he clicks on PPO menu button, PPO report is generated if the Status is Open, and accordingly, PO report is generated if the Status is “Released”. Note: If Status is “Open” then he calls it as Preliminary Purchase Order and vice versa… The problem i have is , there is a Functions Menu Button and a option to “Reopen” which reopens the posted PO. So the problem is my Status field being “Open”, my PPO option is enabled and PO option is disabled, even though the PO is Confirmed and just minor adjustments are to me made. How do i differentiate the reopened Purchase Orders from the newly created Preliminary Purchase Order’s? Any suggestions in solving the above problem are highly appreciated? My mailid is- vijay.pindiganti@b2bsoftech.com Thanx & Regards, Vijay Kumar

Hi, You can create a flag in the sales header that tells you if the PO has been reopened. If you don’t like this, maybe looking if there’s any sales line that has been sent or invoiced you can look this.

Thanx for the solution, Miguel…It is a very good option for the above problem… But still can we solve by this way without coding… Can i use Archive Functionality to solve my above mentioned problem… Can i use “No.of Archived Versions” field in the purchase header to solve my problem… Like Version No “0”(zero) as the PPO and remaining versions as PO… Thanx in advance…