Purchase order post recieve is very slow why and how i solve this proplem

Hi guys when i make purchase order and write what i purchase then i make post receive it take more time may be 5 minutes to make post then receive to one order.i think the problem in network but i test in computer have good connected to network but no benefit

the message error found in this link


why this problem make i think more time and try more time but no benefit


check better your setup on warehouse->setup->Inventory Setup

I think you have marked “Automatic Cost Adjustment” = something different then NEVER

This mean after each inventory movement the Adjust Cost procedure calculate your unit cost causing the slow performace.

I don’t know your business but usually you can get the best performance using as setup NEVER and then schedule when the end-user are offline the report R795

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Even if automatic cost sdjustment is checked you should still be running adjust-cost batch job on a regular basis.

what you mean about this line “still be running adjust-cost batch job on a regular basis.” please clear to me this line please

What different between Never and another options and if i changed now to never are this will make problem in records already works

I would also like you to check on Analysis Card whether Update on Posting is enabled if you have define any analysis view for Purchase …

No analysis view found in analysis card .and what the relation between this analysis view and problem