Purchase order Partially invoice issue

Hi all

Here i Edit one PO Line when i click invoice button multiple lines are created

any one suggest me

Can you please provide more details?
Are you expecting a developer help (since you posted it in the developer forum)?

ok kranthi,

While creating the invoice, temperory line is created which is required to eliminate/removable.

once i click invoice button one form is apper and i close that form again click invoice buttion multiplelines are cretaed i want remove that lines

Does it happening for a particular PO ? What if you delete all the pending invoices and create new one?

thanks kranthi,
Not particular PO any PO same issue… i want delete all pending invoices

Do you want to know how to delete the pending invoices?

No kranthi

how can i delete that records please help me

While creating the invoice, temperory line is created i want to restrict that multiple lines where can i write the code


Select all and click on deleted (invoice posting screen).
Or go to AP → inquiries → History → Invoice history and matching details and delete the PO related records with job status waiting (for delete use Alt+F9)

I don’t see any development related requirement here. So pushing it to User forum.
Please try to post in the relevant forum, for better suggestions.