Purchase order not fully invoiced but PO is closed and in Invoiced status

Hi All,

I have a scenario, wherein a PO ‘XYZ’ has quantity ordered as 150. Two Purchase receipts are created for the PO, 1st is of 120 Qty and the 2nd is of 30 Qty (which makes it fully received).

Now, while invoicing PO has been invoiced with 100 Qty for 1st Receipt and 30 for 2nd receipt. Which means the total invoicing is done is for 130 but not 150 Qty.

After posting the 2 lines, PO is in an ‘invoiced’ status, but I expected it to be at ‘received’ status as the remaining 20 Qty is not yet invoiced.

Is there any solution to this specific problem, the problem is PO is in invoiced status and the remaining Qty is not yet invoiced as System considers this PO as closed.

I would appreciate if any, technical/functional solution can be suggested for the same.

Note: This is a scenario of production system by users.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Pankaj,

Can you first tell if the invoice matching validation is enabled in AP parameters?
If yes then what is the line matching policy for this PO?
What is the option selected in post invoice with discrepancies?
What did you select (in case changed when invoicing)or default selection for the field Default quantity for lines on PO invoice?

If it is set to product receipt- then try recreating the same scenario and go to Match product receipts to invoice form from po invoice and try changing the product receipt quantity to match as per the invoice quantity and then post the invoice.


Hi Vikas,

Thanks for the reply.

I just checked ‘Invoice matching validation’ it is not checked in parameter.
User has changed the quantity manually from 120 to 100 before invoice posting (I tried reproducing the same, AX gives warning message 'of understating the quantity.)

Since this issue has occured in one PO, needs to be somehow rectified.

I am not very much strong in AX functional side, still willl try to answer as much I can.


The process they adopted for changing the quantity from 120 to 100 is wrong, they either changed it in the wrong place and AX still used the 120 or they completed it to state the 100 invoice closed off the 120 receipt.

I think that it is not possible to close a remaining part during an invoice posting process.
The only way to get rid of a remainder without invoice, is by invoicing it for price 0,00

Please check the invoices in the table PurchInvoiceTrans table - there you should be able to find all your invoice lines back. Invoices against price 0,00 may not end in your ledger but will end in this table.
A possibility to fix it, would be to run consistency control with correction on (make sure you do not select all options, otherwise it will never end). See if you can make a detailed selection, by right clicking on the branch to narrow the process down.

Before doing anything: Copy this production environment first into a test environment and try out your correction there first.

You can certainly order 10, receive 5 and on the invoice overstate the quantity and close the order - people have posted about this before and this was generally the cause.