Purchase Order link with Posted Invoice

Hello to all,

probably it’s not so clear to me, but I’m not able to find any link between the PO and the PostedInvoices.

The step that I did are the following:

  1. create a PO with type = GL/Account

  2. Receipt the goods

  3. Create an Invoice

  4. Use the function “Get Receipt Lines” and link it with the step 2

  5. Post the invoices

Now I’m little bit lost, cause If I open the PO (form 54) and I check:

a. Receipt of goods: I can find the transaction

b. Invoice: Blank (nothing linked with the PO)

Looking the table 123 I can find the transaction of the receipt of goods but it’s in the Description field and sound more or less like “Document No. RC11005322:” and it’s not easy to create a query looking and trimming that field.

Ableit my expectation are to find the link on table 122 looking the field Order No.

I’m pretty sure that I’m loosing the horizont and this not a bug…please address me on the correct way.

Many thanks in advance,

Once you receive & invoice your PO:

  • you can see the receiving in tables 120 & 121 - the field on the header #44 is “Order No” which refers to the orig po no.

  • you can see the invoice in tables 122 & 123 - the field on the header #44 is “Order No” which refers to the orig po no.

PS if you want to change or edit the desription. by default I don’t think “Posting Description” field 22 is visible on a tab.

you can add it to a tab on the header and make changes to it before posting.

I’m not clear on the exact problem you think you have?
Are you asking where did the original PO go?

Hello Savatage,

the problem is that I cannot find any link in the tables 122 & 123 on the field “Order No.” , the field is empty.

There is just the description field on table 123 that link me on the 120/121, but it’s not a key and it’s not easy to use for a query.

My user would like the possibility to navigate among the form (PO 54) all the posted invoices, but it’s totally missing link between receipts and posted invoices.

I think there is no default way to get Order No from Invoice which is posted seperately…

You can create a new field and pass the Order No. while using Get Receipt Lines function


In Posted Invoice Lines, first line will be the Receipt No. XXX

From there you can get the posted receipt header and the Order No.