Purchase Order line- Scrap field-How to remove the check mark


I would like to know how can we remove the Check mark appearing in the SCRAP field on Purchase order lines

Line details-- setup tab

I found this field checked for many lines. First of all I don’t know how it got checked. I checked the released products details for those items, but couldn’t find anything.

I am unable to switch it off (even from the AOT)

Any idea as to what went wrong?


I believe this is system controlled and depends upon the PO and the related project setup and the consumption on receipt into the project. I presume the ones with scrap ticked are related to projects and you immediately consume on receipt?

Thanks for the reply.
In fact these lines do not relate to any Project. When I tried to clear the check box from AOT (for POs which are in Received stage). They got cleared. Now it is OK