Purchase order line reversal due to error


I am using NAV5 and have a problem here.

Purchaser raised a PO (non-item) and in our current process, she has to post receipt once supplier DO received.

No posting of invoice at this time. PO status will change from OPEN to RELEASED.

And if to list Purchase order, all PO numbers should be display.

However, we have one PO which was Posted receipt and Invoice at one button and this PO number has “disappeared” from the PO listing.

There was an error in currency code that need to be corrected.

My thought is to see if this PO can be reversed in any way to correct the error.

Please share your experience if anyone has encountered such issue.




POs once receipted and invoiced in full are deleted from table 38 / 39.
So reversing this would require a credit memo to be created and then use Copy Document to collect the details from the relevant posted purchase invoice. Then post. Then start again with a new PO and use Copy Document again - or create from scratch.
Hope this helps.

Hi Neil,

Thank you on the explanation.

At least now I know the system behavior and how to tackle it when similar situation occur.

Just another related question, is there any way to default the posting radio button to Receive ?

The issue here was buyer missed the selection and it posted as Receive and Invoice.

Posting pop-up.PNG




The only what to do this is by making a change to the p&p code unit. Sorry cannot remember number. Think it is in the 90 range.