Purchase Order - Item

Is the item in PO is tie with unit, purchprice and amount by any setup?


If we setup these at Item master. when you select the item in PO it will capture the basic data information from item master like Unit, price. Once you specify the quantity at PO order line then amount (invoice amount) will be calculated.

Thanks a lot Sarathy,

This is what i tried out just now, and what you are is right. That how it works. We have to assign the price and unit when we are creating the item master. Once we select the item in PO, then these values will automatically appear.
Thanks once again.

Hi Jenny,

Unit we can assign at Item master and Price is not mandatory to mention at Item master.

If item price will remains same all the time then we can assign it at item master but normally item price varies, it fluctuates. So, its not mandatory that we have to mention price at item master and sometimes we even specify price at Trade agreements as well. In some cases, Price varies from vendor-to-vendor then we will specify prices at vendor trade agreements too. or sometimes we even specify prices that depend upon the item quantity which your buying/selling.

Ex: If your buying min. quantity of 100 piece then price will be $10 and quantity less than 100 quantity price will be $15. So, we can specify price at various levels like at item level, vendor level and even at PO level as well.

lets say i dont want to assign at itemmaster neither use trade agreement, can i use any other way like pull the price directly from staging table into aot table to create PO?
i tried this unfortunately failed to do so…the price field and the amount are empty…

Hi Jenny,

If your not mentioning price at Item master & Trade Agreements (TA)… then you must enter the price manually at PO - order line. Once you select Item, Quantity and enter price… Amount will populate automatically at Amount field.

(OR) With the help of TA at Vendor or Customer forms we can assign prices. But as you asked without any TA, then we need to enter manually at PO - order line.

Okay…Means another way is to manually enter the item price at PO-Line. What about using this method through code? Will that work?

Hi Jenny,

I hope it will work out. but for that you need to take the help of technical consultant and in the code you have to mention the price, quantity. then automatically amount gets calculated and you can view it in the amount field.

I can insert the quantity. And I know how calculate the amount. But i dont know how to insert the price…

I tried to assign the price manually to the product (at product creation). Then i run the class to create PO by using below line of code… The output display the price and the amount. But if i tried without assign the price to the product, the price and amount will be empty. I also did set false for the search price in purchline.createline();

realprice = POLinetbl.UnitPrice; //(POLinetbl- staging table)
purchLine.PurchPrice = realprice;

This is the the line that i used…but unable to insert [:(]

Found the solution ready…do the update for purchLine.PurchPrice and purchLine.LineAmount after create the PO Line.
Anyway thank you so much Sarathy for guiding me.