Purchase order is invoiced but one line has invoice quantity less than ordered


In ax 2009 i have a purchase order which has status of invoiced.

When i go to particular item at line level and see the quantity the invoiced quantity is less than the ordered quantity.

Invoiced remainder is zero but the invoiced quantity is less than the ordered.

Any body has any idea about this kind of scenario?

Help would be appriciated.



When the invoice was processed the quantity was altered and the transaction closed. Not sure what this would do to the costs as it depends on the costing method - have a look at the transactions.

Nothing wrong with the order as 0 on order, 0 delivery remainder and 0 invoice remainder with an invoice means the order is status invoiced.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the reply.

I have seen the transactions. The financial entries are there, and inventory transaction is also there.

But in the table from where it is getting the invoiced quantity which is “VendInvoiceTrans” has only one entry for 3 quantity.

I don’t know how this has happened. If a posting is done then the entries should be created.

And how to close the transaction. Coz there’s an option while posting to close. But its makes delivery remainder as zero.

Let me know if you/anyone have any insight or idea about this issue.



It cannot have 3 invoiced, 18 have been invoiced.

To achieve your original issue do the following

  1. Raise a purchase order for an item for 20 and recieve it in.

  2. Generate an invoice from the order and change the quantity of 20 to 18.

  3. Authorise the matching policy violations.

This will give you a line that has Quantity = 20, Quantity Received = 20, Quantity Invoiced = 18 and Invoice remainder = 0

VendorInvoiceTrans will show a line with the Qty = 18