Purchase order invoicing error- update quantity is greater than remaining qty on order line.

Hello all,

When I am invoicing a purchase order I am getting the following error:

“Update quantity is greater than remaining quantity on order line.”

Here are the steps I have taken to invoice the line-

  1. First I put in the PO number and got to the Overview, then I entered the dates and the invoice number,
  2. Then I click on the Misc Charges and enter the freight
  3. Then I highlight the correct line, then I click on packing lists and select the correct packing list
  4. Then I select the line that need to be invoiced and delete the lines that do not need to be invoiced, plus I update the qty on the remaining line
  5. Then I check the total to see if it matches the invoice, in this case it does. And when I select OK, it comes up with the error stated above.

I appreciate all of you for the help.

Are you trying to receive or invoice quantity more than your ordered quantity.

The error clearly indicates that - check the invoice remainder quantity in the quantity tab of Purchase Order Lines .

If you are trying to enter in the update quantity more than this remainder quantity the system will through error.

If you want to receive the quantity more than the ordered quantity use over delivery.

For simplicity tell us how many were ordered, how many were received and how many you are generating the invoice for.

Thank you all for responding.

The invoice remainder column does not have any qty left which is why the error is issued here. I understood this now.

However, after reviewing all the lines in the PO and doing more investigation, it appers to me that my user may have accidentally picked the packing slip previously while matching with invoice and got that line invoiced wrongfully and now there is no invoice remainder left.

Now, since the packing slip that was received is still open to be invoiced on the line, but if my line item shows invoiced qty = received qty, how should this be addressed?

Thanks for everyone’s suggestion.


I am getting same error how to resolve please give suggestion