Purchase Order Invoice Posting

Hi All,

While Posting the Purchase Order Invoice , Invoice is Posted ,

I have to settle the Invoice Amount for that Vendor. I am opening the AP->Vendor ->Settle Open Transactions form ,in that form the Posted Invoice is not coming . I have to search the records in VendTrans and VendTransOpen table.

In VendTrans Table Record is Created, But in VendTransOpen Table Record is not created.

For AP->Invoice Journal Posted Records are inserted in Both table.

For PO Invoice Only Issues Occurs.

Please Suggest the Solution,

Just take help of developer to find out, is there any customization which is preventing AX to insert record in VendTransOpen table.

This doesn’t seems to be standard/ normal behavior. I have seen these type of scenarios where posting cycle was modified.

Hi Sachin,

I am one of the technical consultant.

There is no customization to restrict the record insertion in VENDTRANSOPEN table.

When Create and Post Vendor Invoice using Journal(AP->Journal->Invoice Journal ). The Records are Inserted in VENDTRANSOPEN table.

Its Coming in Vendor ->Settle Open Trasactions.

When I am doing Purchase Order Invoice its not coming.

Can you check if record exists in Closed transaction editing list as Automatic settlement might have been enabled in the legal entity.

Hi Kiran Kumar ,

thanks for the reply

Nothing happened in the Closed transaction also.

The record comes for Transaction Screen only