Purchase Order -> Invoice >> No On Hand issue


When i am trying to post Invoice for a Purchase order, error is coming while posting which says

x quantity cannot be picked because 0.00 is/are available in the inventory. And as far as Out of box feature of AX we can post PO invoice without inventory also. I dont know why for this PO it is going into InventUpd_Physical class method updatePhysicalIssue and from there it is throwing error.

Note : This error is coming in LIVE instance and i checked most of the data from TEST for the same Item code which is equal.

If possible can anybody help me with the missing link.



Can you tell me which all inventory dimensions are active?


Check you Inventory model group, there are two check boxes that need to be uncheck if you want to post negative inventory: Physical Negative Inventory and Financial Negative Inventory


Thanks for the reply. I checked the Inventory model group and two checkboxes also Physical negative inventory is unchecked but Financial negative inventory is checked.

Now my point is: i created PO in TEST instance also with same Item id and with the same Inventory model group and all the possible conditions (i.e. no on hand in TEST also) and i am able to post Invoice without any issues. But why it is giving error for no on hand in LIVE.

Active Inventory Dimensions : Size,Color,Warehouse,BatchNumber and Location


Sorry for the confusion, I thought you were dealing with sales orders. Do you have intercompany setup? What I think is that maybe the posting of the purchase order in on company is triggering the sales order invoice in another company.

Try to first create a purchase order, then do a packing slip and the do the invoice, let me know at which step you get the error.


Are you posting it with negative quantity?Does the purchase order is marked with any of the transactions?

Well, ok i will tell you the whole scenario. We have Store module and Purchase module working under same company (i.e. no intercompany thing). Store module issue the items for their inner use and if store dont have the item then we have a process which will create Purchase order correspondingly. Now before doing invoice (i.e. after receiving goods in PO), store person can issue the items. And now when they are posting invoice(positive quantity) they are facing this no on hand issue.

Note : I tried the same scenario in TEST instance too and all went through easily but when user is trying in LIVE then it is throwing this error. I guess something user has changed in between but i am not able to find. I checked most possible things.

I see, so create a copy of your production DB and then use that in your test application, see if it repros. Looks like you have custom code, unfortunately I can’t suggest other things since I have no details.

Start analyzing the transactions. It doesn’t seems to be a standard issue as PO invoice need not to check for on hand in your case and it only has to update the transactions with actual cost.