Purchase order invoice error

Hi i am not able to do Purchase order invoice. system throwz the following error

"Account number for transaction type Tax does not exist"



Does your ax is having Indian Localization feature…

You need to consult your functional consultant to make the setups regarding the taxes…

In Purchase Order Lines → setup tab

clear the Item Tax Group and Tax group and post It…

i am able to post with out attaching the tax group. It is giving error only if i attach the tax group.

I already checked with ma functional consultant, he has done all the tax setups…

Clearly he has not done all of the tax setups because the system does not know where to post the tax [:D]

Done all India Tax related setups starting from Tax Components. Tax Codes, Tax Groups, Registration number, Tax Ledger posting Groups and finally posting profiles.

Mainthing in these setups are Registration number with ledger accounts already done!..

Error is coming for ledger accounts not mentioned for particular Registration number i.e ECC number or TIN number.


With this same setup i am able to post sales invoice!..

If i click on th eerror message it opens Classes\LedgerVoucherTransObject\Check

The error message is quite clear - I have no experience with the Indian localisation, but it is telling you it does not know where to post the tax - so the tax setup is not complete or configured correctly - you have not done everything required.

Check the Invent Posting setup.

Inventory management → Setup → Posting … tab purchase order.

have done all the setups!. still it is not working!..

It could have been posted if all the setup are done…

Once again check all the setups - simply dont say that all the setups are done…

Error is coming for ledger accounts not mentioned for particular Registration number i.e ECC number or TIN number.

what does your above statement means???

watever setups i ve done i already mentioned in my prev post. if u can say wat are the setups i missed out then i can cross check with what my functional consultant has done.

Hi Praveen,

Set breakpoint at ‘\Classes\Info\add’ method and post again. This will exactly pinpoint what the issue is.


i am not able to find out where the error occurs, but whenever i post the invoice system gives the following path in the Error msg classes\tax\validate_IN

The ledgerAccounts will be assigned in - TaxLedgerPostingGroups for different tax types…

as you are saying that you have done this setup - check this for different tax types…

and also see the setup tab and the account code field ( if it is not - All , check whether it is given to the registration number what you are using in the PO.)

what is the type of tax type you are using when posting the invoice - does the invoice is getting posted when the other taxes are assinged…

If this is not the case - once again put your total error…

we have defined TaxLedgerPosting Groups we hav tried both the cases 1. All - Without registration number 2. Table - With Registration number We are trying with all taxes like Excise with CST, Excise with VAT. Without India Tax compaonent it s posting.

we hav done TaxLedgerPostingGroups for 1. All - Without Registration number 2.Table - with partcular registration number Both cases we tried, it s not working. we tried with all india related tax types while posting i.e excise with VAT, Excise with CST like tat… Other than india tax groups am able to post the invoice.