Purchase order in Project

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when i created the PO through project module. and generate the product receipt the cost is not incurred in the project. It only incurred after invoicing. Is there any way that once we create the product receipt the cost will incurred in the project.

If not can u tell me logic why, as at the time of product receipt the accrual get generated. And also i saw one extra or the system entry of type transaction with the deduct status but there is no voucher of it. I Think this entry is passed to not update the invntory as the PO is created for the project.

Can you explain me the concept and the logic.

thanks in Advance.

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as packing slip is physical update you can’t be knowing the exact price of the item until you receive the Invoice. Though you have the price that you ordered, there can be some variations coming in during the invoice.

That’s the reason the cost would be incurred only after Invoicing. However, during the packingslip system update the physical cost which can be seen in Inventory transactions as “physical cost amount”

if i will not receive the invoice from the vendor for 6 month then, till then we will not be able to incurred the cost in the project.

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You just received the items (physical update) and vendor did not send the invoice yet.

How are you going to take cost into account for your project without the bill from vendor specifying cost? I think this is rare business case, you might go for customization if necessary.