Purchase Order Correction

Hi - If I have a purchase Order line, and receive in a quantity greater than I should (error) - can I create a ‘negative’ line for the difference? In my example - I have NOT invoiced yet - so when I did the invoicing — it would be for a positive amount? Thanks Shawn

Hi Shawn, You can never receive more than you have ordered in Attain! If you have received more than your ordered then you must either return the quantity you received to much (!!) or you must change the Quantity ordered. I see no reason for creating another line and cannot see why it should be negative. Or is the “problem” really that you don’t pay for the quantity you receive too much? PS: I expect that you are using Microsoft Navision Attain, so I’ve moved you question to “Attain End User Questions”. Otherwise please state it here so I can move it to the right forum. The “Implementation Methods” forum are more for implementors/developers about how to implement new systems the best way. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Sorry - let me clarify: I have an item on a Purchase Order. Quantity Field: 100. I have Quantity Received at 75, when in reality - I only physically received in 65. (Someone goofed and entered 75, instead of 65) Does anyone know of a reason NOT to just add a line for -10, of the same item? My testing makes it appear to have hit the G/L, Item, and Vendor Ledgers ok. But want to check to see if anyone knows. (Disregard invoicing - because the system wont let me invoice a net-negative amount. If the user has received AND invoiced the whole 75 - then Credit Memo would need to be used)

As far as the Total Amount is positive and an Invoice isn’t posted, I think that’s a good solution! Because in that way you correct the quantity and the following invoice will show the correct amount, without having to create a credit memo. Regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Shawn, As you said, That will work. The field you might want to look at is the Appl. to Item Entry on the Purchase Lines. This will allow you to pick the Postitive entry for 75 to apply against. This will ensure that your Inventory value in the G/L remains correct. Chris.

In Navision Attain 3.60 it will be possible to “undo” the receipt (and the shipment in S&R). Hans Fousert Schouw Informatisering The Netherlands