Purchase order Confirmation

Hi all ,

I added new fields on vendPurchOrderjour and would like to update those fields on Purchase order confirmation.

I tried to update them on class PurchPurchOrderjournalcreate but didnt work for me .

Is there any suggestions for it … were to write my code to update the table on purchase order confirm

thanks ,

Hi, Write code in PurchFormletter_purchOrder class, initJournal method. Regards, Kuppusamy S

Does this method already exist for this class ?

Hi, Shall I know the version you are using? Regards, Kuppusamy S

Ax 2012

I think I need to write the code on the PurchPurchOrderJournalCreate - initJournalHeader bcz here I can see the Puchase document confirming but i am not sure … Any help appreciated.

Visit this link http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/t/56334.aspx