Purchase Order-Archive Document

hi everyone,

as part of the organisation requirements (audit purposes) all posted document are keep intact (cannot delete) after posting invoice + receipt, thus over the years it had accumulate to thousands copy.

and we had customize item list form to being able to view item purchase history, this will take up time when user look up individual item and navision will retrieve all purchase order for the item…

and >20++ users look it up the table will get slightly slow down…

hence, we are looking into improvement of the situation using purchase order> function> ARCHIVE DOCUMENT (version 5)

but not sure how it works.

1.if we proceed to use the archive features, how will it impact the look up of documents from current item list, will navision able to search for the item again ?

Not quite sure if your problem is related to functionility or performance?

And how is archiving playing a role in this? Normally adding more data doesn’t give you better performance.

For your post it is not clear whether problem with performance or trying to activate archive functionality.